'New' friend discovers himself on youth photo

World December 11, 2017 11:21

london - Verona Koliqi and her fiancé Mirand Buzaku met in 2016, at least, they thought. When they browsed a photo album on the couch, Mirand's eyes suddenly fell on an old beach photo.

Verona Koliqi now lives in London, and met Mirand Buzaku in Kosovo. They fell in love. Meanwhile, the couple is happily together, and their life ripples quietly. Yet Buzaku surprised her friend when they were browsing through the photo album on the couch: he suddenly saw himself.

While a very young Verona poses with other children during a holiday in Montenegro, a boy floats through the statue on an air mattress. 'I showed him the photo so we could laugh at it', Verona looks back. 'He suddenly saw that the child had the same shirt, and the same pants as he did. We checked with family. And it indeed turned out to be him. '

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