New food hype may be life-threatening

World January 3, 2018 13:18

san francisco - Unfiltered water seems to be a new trend among health freaks in the United States. Fanciers are willing to pay almost 40 dollars for about 4 liters of 'raw' water. But according to experts, the hip drink is better not to be drunk.

That writes the New York Times. The drink is especially popular in San Francisco. Health experts, however, warn of the dangers of the new hype and indicate that it is only a matter of time before someone gets seriously ill from the unfiltered water.

The raw water costs 30.68 euros for a jug of 3.78 liters. But then you have 'living' water, claims Mukhande Singh, the founder of 'Live Water'. According to him, water from bottles is dead, all healthy minerals are filtered out of the water. 'People do not realize that their water is dead. They never see it green. 'According to Signh, tap water describes 'toilet water with contraceptive pills and fluoride'.

According to food safety expert Bill Marler from Seattle, it is better not to drink the unfiltered water. 'The diseases to which our great-grandparents died have been completely forgotten,' he told Business Insider. 'Almost everything that can make you ill can be found in water. '

This confirms another health expert: 'Viruses, bacteria such as E. coli, parasites and carcinogens can spread through untreated water', says Donald Hensrud, director of the Healthy Living Program at a medical research clinic in Minnesota. 'We see evidence of this everywhere in the world. '

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