New Delhi residents smoke 45 cigarettes a day

World November 13, 2017 11:18

new delhi - New Delhi, the capital of India, has been buried for a while under a thick layer of smog. One day in the unhealthy Indian air would equal the smoking of 45 cigarettes.

As a result of the poor sight, tens of traffic accidents have occurred and in many places it is longer fixed than usual. Many flights are also canceled and trains depart. Many schools are closed, an unusual measure for a city that is used to smog. Children must stay inside, near equipment that purifies the air slightly. The sale of these devices shoots through the roof. The almost annoying smog crisis is caused by the fact that it has been silent for days.

Doctors report a sharp rise in people with respiratory complaints, burning eyes and chest pain. 'I do not think I've ever seen so much in Delhi,' says a doctor.

At only one place in the world, the Chinese Shenyang, once more air was measured. According to American researchers, a day in the open air was similar to smoking 63 cigarettes.

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