Netgear collects information on routers

Netgear collects information on routers

Tech May 22, 2017 13:06

new york - Netgear, known as modem modem and router maker, has enabled one of its routers to enable a feature that collects data from users. Netgear says it will use data to improve performance, but users are not undivided positive that Netgear collects this data.

The function is enabled on the R7000 model (Nighthawk). Netgear depends on how many devices are connected, how they are connected, what is the LAN and WAN status, which Wi-Fi channels are in use, which IP address is used and which serial number the device has. Also, data on the Wi-Fi network is collected.

The data collection is turned on by a firmware update. However, users can turn off the feature again. It is not yet known whether other routers are monitored by Netgear in this way.

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