Nest comes with smart surveillance camera outside

Nest comes with smart surveillance camera outside

Tech July 14, 2016 13:03

- Nest Labs comes with a smart surveillance camera for outdoor use. That is resistant to rain and snow. The camera is linked to Nest devices inside. If the camera sees something outside, the lights can automatically go inside, so it looks like someone is at home, according Nest Thursday.

Nest Cam Outdoor is available from this autumn in Europe. The camera provides 1080p Full HD video. The owner can listen and talk themselves through the camera.

Nest Labs also introduced changes in the department nest Aware. Users will soon get a notification when an inner or outer camera sees people.,, Nest Cam distinguishes between humans and other events, and lets users know if a person comes into the picture, '' said Nest Labs.
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Nest Labs makes smart devices. The company was bought in 2014 by Google and is now part of parent company Alphabet.

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