Neighbours back after family tragedy Amsterdam

Neighbours back after family tragedy Amsterdam

World July 22, 2016 21:54

amsterdam - A number of residents from the Eendrachtstraat in Amsterdam, where Friday there was a family drama, if at home late again. They had their homes because of explosives had been found earlier. When the drama is regrettable three deaths.

A father (32) jumped around noon with his eleven-month-old baby from one property to the Eendrachtstraat. They did not survive this. Later was found dead the man's mother in the house. The police assumes that she was killed by a crime.

In the home a hand grenade was found. Surrounding houses were evacuated and deposited nearby. The Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) has defused the grenade and removed.
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The drama was a fight beforehand, when the child's mother would pick him up at his grandmother. There was her ex, the father of the child present. Upon entering the woman turned to the man through and he pulled out the explosive, which she managed to flee. They hit directly alarm, but this could not prevent the man with their son jumped out the window. The woman is taken care of by the police.

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