Needles in hotel room perpetrators attacks

Needles in hotel room perpetrators attacks

World November 17, 2015 13:00

paris - The hotel rooms where terrorist Salah Abdel Salam (26) and his associates stayed for the attacks in Paris has done a remarkable find. A coffee in one of the rooms was littered with hypodermic needles.

According to a video of the French weekly Le Point. Two days before the attacks booked Abdelsam and accomplices Booking through hotel site. com Rooms 311 and 312 at a hotel in Alfortville, a sleepy town in the French department of Val-de-Marne. The two simple studios offer a total of six people. The images show that the terrorist group arose prior to the attacks feast on pizza and chocolate. More striking is the presence of a large number of injection needles and intubatiemateriaal. The question now is whether this stuff had a medical purpose or that they might be used in making the bomgordels who wore perpetrators. Another option, according to Le Point that the terrorists during their act were under the influence of drugs. A witness who the perpetrators Friday preceding the massacre in theater Bataclan has seen in a car for the concert, said the men seemed stunned and had a dead look in their eyes. The forensic investigation examine any material found on DNA and other trace. Also, the hard disk of the computer of the reception confiscated. The hotel does not have surveillance cameras. Watch the video

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