Navalny in the attack

Navalny in the attack

World February 9, 2018 04:33

moscow - Russiagate, or the possible interference of the Kremlin in the American elections, has received a spectacular follow-up in Russia itself. Anti-corruption blogger Aleksej Navalny, who is excluded from the presidential election next month, says he has evidence that billionaire Oleg Deripaska was the secret emissary of the Kremlin in 2016 with Paul Manafort, then the campaign chief of Donald Trump.

The newest episode in this saga has all the elements of a James Bond film: an oligarch that surrounds his millions of yachts in Norwegian waters with call girls, with a crucial role for Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prichodko. This gray cardinal, who had been in Borne Yeltsin in the Kremlin twenty years ago, would be the true architect of Russia's foreign policy.

'Putin, do not disgrace yourself and your country!' Says Aleksej Navalny at the end of the video that he released yesterday. 'Take measures like that!' He refers to the Putin in the late 1990s, then the head of the FSB, who fired an attorney general after filming in a bathhouse with prostitutes. According to Navalny, Prichodko is guilty of the same behavior. And besides: the filmed outings, which were taken from Russia with private jets from Deripaska, are the real proof of bribery.

The source of the revelation is as absurd as typical Russian. At the beginning of September, a group of latex-dressed young ladies invaded the Moscow campaign office of Navalny. Escorts. Pictures of pro-Kremlin media appeared immediately.

Research by the anti-corruption foundation of Navalny of the Instagram account of one of the girls, the Belarusian Nastja Rybka, led to film footage of Oleg Deripaska, talking to Prichodko on a yacht. Although the Kremlin has always denied the truthfulness of previous videos of Navalny, such as those about a wine estate of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in Italy, the viewer is now again overloaded with moving recordings, sound and facts.

The same Nastja Rybka, who was interested in sex with oligarchs, published a book in which she describes in detail the encounter on the yacht in the Norwegian waters, without mentioning the real names of those involved. 'Papa', as she puts Prichodko in her book, would have discussed the American elections with Deripaska. In addition, Wittehuis employee Victoria Nuland was mentioned as a good friend of Prichodko. When a CNN reporter asked Deripaska at the time whether his private meetings with Manafort were intended as a repayment of a million debt he had against him, the Russian said: 'Get lost, please. Thank you. '

The video, in which the escort brunette Rybka says she will let Navalny go into the sex trap 'because people like him continue to fight with each other in this world', soon became an internet hit. It also shows the showy country house of Prichodko, worth 5 million euros, as well as two apartments in Moscow that are worth 8 million euros. According to Navalny proof of his corruption, since Prichodko is an official and therefore can never have earned enough money to afford this property.

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