'NATO passed red line to Putin'

World January 7, 2018 21:57

hilversum - With the promise of NATO membership to Georgia and Ukraine in 2008, the alliance pushed Russia into a corner. It is not surprising that President Vladimir Putin drew a red line and adjusted his policy. That said former secretary general of NATO Jaap de Hoop Scheffer Sunday in Nieuwsuur.

The news item brought a portrait of the Russian leader because of the upcoming presidential elections in the country in March.

The rapid expansion towards the east by NATO was regarded by Putin as a serious threat, says De Hoop Scheffer now. Looking back, he finds that NATO has underestimated Russian feelings, particularly with regard to the wish of former US President Bush to join Georgia and Ukraine.

'He said to me after the communiqué came true: mister secretary-general, this will not be. This is not going to happen. 'According to De Hoop Scheffer, the wars in Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine 2014 are related to the NATO announcement of that time.

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