Mysterious wolf presents experts for riddle

Mysterious wolf presents experts for riddle

World May 26, 2018 06:21

denton - A werewolf, a young grizzly bear or perhaps a relative of the mythological Bigfoot? Experts and nature lovers are puzzled since a farmer in the American state of Montana last week a \u0026 # x27; wolfish \u0026 # x27; animal shot dead that came a few hundred meters away from his cattle.

The farmer reported the beast as a wolf, but after an initial inspection, experts could not tell with certainty that it is actually a wolf. The teeth are too short for that, legs are too narrow and the ears and claws too long, they say.

According to the ministry for nature in Montana, it is certain that it is a 'circulating on the internet now theories about the mysterious creature.' Young animal of the female sex and is a member of the canids, including foxes, wolves and jackals fall. DNA testing should provide more definite answers, reports a spokesman at the Great Falls Tribune.

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