Murderers run out of control without supervision

Murderers run out of control without supervision

World May 8, 2017 10:39

makassar - Three killers have taken a staff shortage in an Indonesian prison to take their legs. They could effortlessly pass an unmanned checkpoint,

The Jakarta Post reported on Monday. The trio pushed the fan grating into their cell with metal saws on Sunday. They climbed out and struck in flight. The head of the institution at South Celebes acknowledged that security was not all right. 'There were only eight guards, so not every post was manned,' acknowledged the prison director.

Prison is not just a staff shortage; There are also more prisoners than the intention is. The complex is designed for 740 detainees, but there are more than a thousand people behind the bars. They are monitored by 128 staff members.

The prison director has another measure in mind to improve the security situation. 'A prison ideally has a wall with barbed wire and then another wall with barbed wire. But we do not have that, 'he said.

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