Murdered Russian survived previous attack

Murdered Russian survived previous attack

World September 7, 2018 20:32

london - The Russian dissident Nikolaj Gloesjkov, who was found dead in his home in London in March, may have survived a previous attack on his life. In November 2013, two Russians, whom he had previously met at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, would have bought a bottle of champagne for him. Gloesjkov drank it and woke up the next morning with cardiac arrhythmias. He then said that the two had stopped something in his drink.

According to the newspaper The Guardian, Gloesjkov told his story to an ambulance employee. Two agents were there, but they did not believe it. In the end, the investigation would not work out, partly because Gloesjkov did not want to cooperate.

Gloesjkov was in the past CEO of the national airline Aeroflot. He was also a friend of businessman Boris Berezovski. Around 2000 they got into a fight with Vladimir Putin. Berezovski fled to London, Gloesjkov ended up in prison and was granted asylum in Great Britain after being released. As exiles they continued to criticize Putin. Berezovski was found dead in March 2013 on his estate near London. The cause of death has still not been clarified. Another friend, former spy Alexander Litvinenko, died in 2006 after poisoning.

Gloeshkov himself was found dead in his home on 12 March by his daughter. She went to look for him because he did not show up in a court in London. He had to appear there that day because Aeroflot accused him of fraud. Research has shown that Gloesjkov is probably strangled.

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