MSF concerned about Greek refugees

MSF concerned about Greek refugees

World October 20, 2016 18:27

amsterdam - In Greece life still 50,000 refugees in poor conditions and without adequate access to healthcare. The aid organization Doctors Without Borders moreover is seriously concerned about the lack of planning in preparation for the winter season.

'In the north of the country people still live in tents, despite the temperature at night sometimes falls to zero,' said MSF coordinator Loic Jaeger Thursday. 'How can Europe these people let alone a winter in the cold?'

Seven months after the signing of the refugee agreement between the European Union and Turkey, despite the EU's financial commitments, especially the needs of the most vulnerable is not yet assuaged. Health, among others, victims of violence, the chronically ill, the disabled, minors, pregnant women and newborn babies at risk.

'It is astonishing that these people still do not receive the necessary care,' says Jaeger. 'The 'hotspots' in the islands accommodate twice the maximum capacity and the facilities on the mainland are below par. The EU's help comes too slowly and the Greek medical system is overloaded. '

Furthermore the asylum procedures extremely slow. Numerous refugees are possible only in April or May a first interview and be in accordance with MSF too long in uncertainty about their future.

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