Mother Skripal knows nothing

Mother Skripal knows nothing

World March 28, 2018 12:30

amsterdam - The mother of the poisoned Russian spy Sergei Skripal has no idea that her son and granddaughter Julia have been in a coma for three weeks in a hospital in Salisbury. Her family has shielded the 90-year-old woman from the bad news.

Victoria Skripal, a niece of the spy, stated that her grandmother will not be notified until Skripal dies. 'Our priority is that we protect our grandmother. If this ends badly, we tell her that they have become ill, 'she told the BBC.

According to Victoria, the 66-year-old Sergei called regularly with his mother. She is now told that he is traveling or that he has called while she is sleeping.

The chance that it ends badly is big. The prognosis 'is really not good' Victoria says. 'I might have one percent hope. Whatever it is that it is administered, it gives them a very small chance to survive. They will in any case remain disabled for the rest of their lives. '

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