Mother and daughter robbed Belgium bald

World January 10, 2018 08:33

bruges - A mother and daughter who widely lit people with internet orders, have finally been arrested.

The 44-year-old Carine B. and 23-year-old Sherlyn sold expensive handbags and luxury items on the internet to our southern neighbors. Customers were usually sent an empty box.

'The two also made it a sport to shop without paying,' says a victim in Het Nieuwsblad. 'All retailers on the coast knew them and warned each other. When the two walked into a shop, they put on a wig. 'Because they were too hot under their feet, they moved to the Brasschaat, which was populated by many Dutch people. They also made a lot of victims there.

Now that the couple has been arrested, it appears that contractors have also been scammed. It would be millions of euros, according to the newspaper. Electricians and plumbers were not paid.

'Finally, we intervene. It seemed as if they could go about their business for years without being punished, 'says a boutique owner from Knokke in Het Nieuwsblad. She was scammed herself a few years ago by the West Flemish duo, who bought her things but did not want to pay afterwards. Since then she has become a point of contact for other victims. 'We are now already more than a hundred. The damage must run in the millions. Money that the two have all made up, I fear. '

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