Most billionaires in China

Most billionaires in China

World March 8, 2017 12:51

beijing - The country is still a people's republic with one-party, communist, but that does not mean that the real big earners are Chinese. China counts measured in dollars, more billionaires than the United States. In the so-called Club of Nine Zeros adorns China in the first place with less than 609 billionaires. live in the US 552 people who have more than a billion are in their account.

Germany, reports Die Welt Sunday, is third with 109 billionaires. India, a country that is rapidly growing in the last two decades, there has been exactly one hundred within its borders. There are 68 Russian billionaires (7th place).

The richest man in the world, Microsoft founder Bill Gates from the US, which has to spend 81 billion dollars. Warren Buffet, also American, holds 78 billion. His compatriot Jeff Bezos of Amazon has 72 billion. The Spaniard Amancio Ortega, who was long one, is fourth with 69 billion dollars. Chinese are not in the top ten. The figures come from the annual Hurun Report, which publishes the super rich list since the nineties.

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