Mossad liquidates 'Islamic MacGyver

Mossad liquidates 'Islamic MacGyver

World December 19, 2016 21:48

tel aviv - Twenty bullets fired at close range, put an end to the life of the 'Islamic MacGyver. At least, that is drone expert 'Mohammed al-Zawahri jokingly called the Tunisian press. He worked for Hamas and had close ties with Hezbollah, which the Israeli Mossad is considered prime suspect.

The 49-year-old Tunisian undoubtedly had more tools at his disposal than a pocketknife, but the unmanned aircraft Hamas continue to date a high cobbled-together content. The terrorist movement tries now only follow along the Israeli army on the border with Gaza, but they suspect that Hamas is working on more gevaceerde drones, which can be used as a weapon. Other Muslim extremists have discovered the relatively new method of warfare.

Hezbollah, courtesy of Iran, already available attack drones. Islamic State experiments with planes in Iraq and Syria. Which were first used only for making propaganda videos, but now they accompany car bombs to their target and are in some cases- air explosives- used as a flying bomb.

Aeronautical Engineer Mohammed al-Zawahri was, according to study his brother plan to be able to create a controllable submarine remotely, which Hamas would come in handy. The 49-year-old Tunisian lived most of his time in Lebanon, where he maintained close contacts in the past with the weapons expert Hezbollah, which a few years ago would have been liquidated by Israel.

According to his family was al-Zawahri only just arrived in Tunisia when he last week for his home in the city of Sfax was riddled with bullets. Security cameras were professionally defused. Hamas, for whom the Tunisian worked for ten years, immediately rejected the 'traitorous Zionists' as guilty and vowed revenge. According to the Tunisian government are 'foreign elements' involved in the attack, without pointing the finger towards Israel. The Jewish state does not respond to the messages.

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