Moroccans raise money for the victim

World November 18, 2017 11:45

sint niklaas - Belgians of Moroccan descent who are ashamed of the riots in Brussels, collect money for the 63-year-old woman whose car was heavily destroyed by street gear.

Khalil Rais was so impressed by the senseless destruction in the Belgian capital last weekend that he started a money collection campaign for the duped Ria Baets.

'Everyone is shocked by what those young people have done to her, including the vast majority of Moroccans,' says the 35-year-old Rais in Het Nieuwblad.

10.000 euros is needed. The counter stood at 1600 euros at the beginning of the afternoon.

'Making the innocent scared and destroying their stuff can never be good. That poor woman quickly earns a new car. We are ashamed of such miserable behavior. It is the least we can do as a society. 'Khalil emphasizes personally to ensure that the money ends up well.

Ria responded surprised. 'I am very grateful for this initiative. It makes me emotional and grateful '. Bpost's employee placed a photo of her heavily damaged car online. 'So much and so much hatred in their eyes. I do not understand that, 'she said Thursday about the riots she suddenly became involved in.

Belgians wondered why she had not driven on when she was attacked at the Muntplein. 'Why did not I go on while those young guests sat in front of and on my car? They may be criminals, but they remain people. It is not because they act inhumanly, that you have to do that yourself '.

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