'More victims Fox chief Roger Ailes'

'More victims Fox chief Roger Ailes'

World July 7, 2016 11:00

- The news that Fox chief Roger Ailes host Gretchen Carlson has sexually harassed, does not come as a surprise to other Fox News employees. Carlson since her indictment filed have certainly reported ten other women at the law firm of its representative.

The 50-year-old presenter is not the first to Roger Ailes accused of sexual harassment in the workplace. An anonymous employee said identified in the indictment Gretchen Carlson. Since the indictment was announced volunteered more than ten women who want to express all about Ailes alleged behavior, a spokesman announced.

The layoffs presenter filed a complaint against the chief executive, also did not come as a shock. Colleagues even thought they already Roger Ailes would shame them when they had to step down in 2013 when the show Fox amp; Friends.
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'She kept her mouth because Roger gave her the afternoon show, but everyone at Fox knew it was coming,' said a source from the Huffington Post. 'He hated her and told everyone that she disturbed, vindictive b * tch was.' According to Carlson she is now fired because she refused to accept his sexual acts. According to her lawyer Ailes' very consistent and pervasive 'in his harassment.

Carlson was sent to Fox amp; Friends because she had complained about co-host Steve Doocy. In the indictment can be read that she was ridiculed for her complaint about discrimination in the workplace by male colleagues. She also argues that Ailies demanded sex from her as a way to 'improve posture at Fox News' her and asked her to show her buttocks to him.

The anonymous employee claims that he asked her to turn around 'so he could see her ass.' A third employee who remains anonymous for fear of reprisals, that uncovers how Ailes dealt with female applicants. 'He told me that he himself wondered whether he would go to bed with her, and if so, he would take her,' she explains about the boss who boasted that he would make any tests in the procedure. If he is a male candidate was at his table, he would imagine that he could watch him play a game of basketball without getting irritated.
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Fox News announced to launch an internal investigation into the allegations of Ailes and Doocy. Roger Ailes says in a statement that Carlson's allegations are false. He argues that her complaint is an act of revenge for her terminated contract. 'This defamation lawsuit is not only offensive, it is completely without merit and will be defended vigorously,' reads the statement.

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