More fears over cybercriminal

More fears over cybercriminal

Tech November 17, 2015 13:00

- On the smartphone are becoming more sensitive stored data. You would think that users are most afraid that the data falling into the hands of cybercriminals. That is not entirely true. In countries like France, Argentina, Brazil, India and Russia are users mainly afraid of their mother.

Security company Avast early users in eleven countries which person they least like to see access to data on their smartphone. In most countries stand cybercriminals one followed by governments and businesses. Respondents find it especially painful when financial data such as credit card numbers be on the streets. Only Germans and Indians neighborhoods from here. Germans find access passwords to the most painful, while Indians at all times to prevent people from getting access to SMS and instant messages. Users also give India the most that people have had uninvited access to data on their smartphone. It is striking that users protect their banking apps not say. This is unlike apps like Whatsapp, photo app and Facebook app. Still, says almost everyone would rather want people to have access to naaktselfies than their bank details. One of the simplest ways to ensure that others can not access data on the smartphone is to lock it with a code. Yet not everyone is doing it. Only 27.1 percent of Argentines used a code followed by 31.6 percent of the Mexicans. Spaniards are most prudent with their dates: 87.6 percent locks the phone.

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