'Monster of Leersum' into the cell?

'Monster of Leersum' into the cell?

World August 2, 2017 12:03

utrecht - The 'Monster of Leersum' will hear Wednesday if he has to enter the cell for three months for the terrorists of his neighbors in the Utrechtse village of Leersum. In addition, the Public Prosecution Service claims that the 81-year-old R. receives one month extra detention for each time he violates a contact and location ban.

The long-standing neighbors' ruin with the Griffioen family may have a provisional end.

Follow the statement below through the twitters of our reporter John Maes. (From 13.00 hours)

In the seventeen years that the Griffians and the traitor are each other's neighbors, the latter has shown themselves to a malignant plague, the Public Prosecutor's Office showed during previous sessions.

From car to bicycle and roof tiles to bushes, nothing seemed to be R., according to the victim's statement that the president of the court earlier proposed on behalf of the affected family.

The Griffians spent a few tens of thousands of euros on specialized surveillance equipment and a watchdog. The family sought psychological help several times and even left their homes a few times in recent years.

Buurman R. seemed to bury the battle ax this year and put his house on the Rijksstraatweg in Leersum on Funda. 'Several buyers wanted to pay the asking price, but they drove off for unclear reasons,' said the family, who did not believe that the 'Monster of Leersum' was really going to sell.

The imminent intimidations were taken into account by the OM. Last weaponry of R.: Destruction of the Mercedes and MG of the Griffians and a case of nocturnal inheritance crime. One of the sons drove off his bivouce cap, so the infrared camera fixed. The fact that bourgeoisie is blamed for two parties is not going on now, according to the OM, claiming that several conditional sentences and a penalty of 300,000 did not help to bind R.

Therefore, the serious claim is an unconditional three-month and three-month custody sentence for each time R. violates a contact and location ban.

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