Money back after shopping with Scoupy

Money back after shopping with Scoupy

Tech November 9, 2015 15:30

- A new version appeared in the Scoupy app. Where the application formerly mainly a digital coupon book, he now turns to so-called cash- actions in which the buyer will receive money back after buying certain products.

Users get based on their location to see different products in the app where they are a part of or the entire purchase amount can recover. In the store to scan the bar code so that the user is certain that it is the right product. Finally, make a picture of the receipt must, and in 24 to 48 hours the amount will be transferred to the account of the user.

Under More brands like Coca-Cola, and Unox Bavaria collaborate with Scoupy the cashback actions. The creators of the app give the advantage that consumers do not need to recover from a store money and producers get to quickly see which products are popular and can boost the sales of new products by organizing around temporary cashback promotions.

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