Modular smartphone Google almost ready

Modular smartphone Google almost ready

Tech May 23, 2016 09:09

- After years of work, Google is finally almost done with its modular smartphone, Ara. Developers get the first copies this autumn and it is intended that the device comes on the market next year. Google has announced it Friday at its I / O conference.

Modular smartphones and Ara are intended to assemble itself. They consist of components that can replace users. For example, if the camera or display is broken, they do not have to buy a whole new unit, but only the one module. This prevents wastage and gives phones a longer life.

Google has been working there for years with Project Ara. But the modular smartphone faced serious problems. The individual modules were namely not securely fastened together.
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The idea of ​​Ara is partly based on the concept Phone Bloks Helmond designer Dave Hakkens.

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