Model Keeler deceased from espionage affair

World December 5, 2017 21:24

london - Christine Keeler, a former call girl and fashion model, who had an affair with a British minister and a Russian secret agent in the 1960s, has passed away.

Christine Keeler became known worldwide at the beginning of the sixties when it was revealed that Minister John Profumo had lied about the affair he had with the 19-year-old call girl at the time. Profumo, member of the Conservative Party, therefore had to resign.

It became one of the most sensational political scandals in British history. Keeler also slept with the Russian secret agent and diplomat Evgeni Ivanov. Many felt that the security of the country had been jeopardized. The case did no good to the conservative government and led to an election defeat in 1964. Profumo died in 2006.

Keeler had a chronic lung disease. She was 75 years old.

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