Mistake by bench: student squandered 1.5 million

Mistake by bench: student squandered 1.5 million

World December 9, 2016 19:51

- Luxury vacations, expensive sports cars, fast boats, strippers and cocaine. Thus the Australian student Luke Moore (26) in recent years filled his days after his bank was treating him accidentally in a bank account without a bottom.

The bank had the Australian in 2010 allowed to open a current account. How much money he took, but his credit was not blocked. Luke quickly saw dollar signs in his eyes, so he began to channel large sums of money away.

'I bought fast cars, visited strip clubs, snorted cocaine and booked decadent vacations to Asia'. He bought a Maserati, Aston Martin and a speedboat. 'I was driving without a shirt in my convertible, wind in my hair and forget about the parking cops. That was enjoy, 'he told Australian media.

The student had two years of its existence prince delicious enjoy until he was caught. When his bank came after the miss, the Australian had already two million Australian dollars (half million euros) rushed through.

Luke was sentenced to a prison sentence of four years. Last week the twenties was released from the Australian prison after he noted an appeal against his sentence. The court ruled that the blame lay with the bank. Although Luke is a free man, he must reimburse his fortune dissipated down to the last dollar.

He now lives with his parents, drives a small, humble Ford and- ironically- began to study criminal justice. His life as a king brought him some insights. 'I found out that my family and friends are the most precious to me. It was a beautiful time but happiness can not buy. 'The Aussie is said to have to get used to 'normal life'. 'I miss the cocaine, strippers and cars sometimes. '

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