Miss-finalist shows mutilations after acid attack 'boyfriend'

Miss-finalist shows mutilations after acid attack 'boyfriend'

World April 20, 2017 17:00

rimini - Former finalist for the Miss Italy election, Gessica Notaro, was scared of her life when a man started throwing sour acid in her face this year. She was terribly mutilated, but is not going to hide her scars for the world. In an Italian television show, she shows what has been done to her and the beauty makes her story.

In the show, which is broadcast on Thursday, Gessica tells her boyfriend to throw the bitter acid out of anger in her face.

The former Miss Italy participant starts the broadcast with a big scarf around her face, as can be seen on images that have already been scattered. The presenter says she may keep wearing it if she wants, but Gessica says, 'I want to show what he has done to me. This is no love. '

She decides to finish her scarf and reveal her mutilated face. The scars have not been restored for a long time, so can be seen. It takes another year for them to be refurbished enough to qualify for plastic surgery.

The past months were a lot for the Italian clean. She had to 'locked up' in a hospital for two months. Her visit could only speak with a glass window between them. Her mother had to completely disinfect to see Gessica.

Even now, she has to wear a mask to restore her face.

'He took me away from my beauty, but I still have the same face,' said the fighting woman. She is also happy that she still has her voice.

Her 29-year-old ex-boyfriend Jorge is in front of the acid attack. He denies everything.

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