Minister's flaps to prohibit bicycle

Minister's flaps to prohibit bicycle

Tech December 12, 2016 09:51

- Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure and Environment) is working on a ban include flaps on the bike. She has announced that Monday in a letter to parliament

The ban will apply to the use of the touch screen mobile phones. According to experts provides the operation of a touchscreen while cycling the most at risk. This does that the ban should apply not just go for mobile phones which are held in the hand, but also for smartphones in a holder on the steering wheel, which allows the user for example appt or sit on Facebook or the internet.

Minister Schultz left in May, namely a ban on calls and other use of mobile phones on to investigate the bicycle. However, a ban on call is not addressed, it appears from the letter from the minister. When the ban on the use of the touch screen is coming and what the penalties will be is not yet known. The announcement by Schultz is only the first step.

Monday also announced that there are 621 deaths last year cases in traffic. That is more than two years before, but about ten years, declined by an average 3.8 percent per year. Cyclists are relatively many deaths: 185 in 2015. The number of bicycle deaths has not decreased obviously in the last decade. The number of fatalities among drivers of scooters and even disabled vehicles increases. Last year there were 41.

The number of serious injuries on the road increasing each year and last year came out at 21. 300. Since 1993 began with the registration number was not as high. Nearly a quarter of the victims keeps remaining restrictions on the injuries.

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