Minister suspends privatization of building supervision

Minister suspends privatization of building supervision

World July 4, 2017 20:00

the hague - The supervision of the construction of houses and other buildings is not transferred to the business community for the time being. Minister Ronald Plasterk wants to privatize the municipal task but passed on objections to the First Chamber on Tuesday and expires the measure for one year.

Plasterk wants to transfer supervision to private construction agencies. According to him, the surveillance is so more proficient and cheaper, and less pressure on small municipalities. But, among other things, the CDA is wondering if the municipality is still able to intervene if it is wrong, a task that remains reserved for the municipality.

Plasterk will discuss in the ministerial council on Friday whether he can amend the bill to remove the concerns. He is keen to ask the senate for reassurance how he wants to work out the law in practice.

Construction supervision has been in the interest of a London residential tower since last month's fatal fire.

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