Minister Johnson insulted half the world

Minister Johnson insulted half the world

World July 14, 2016 12:45

london - Still well and truly begun for the new British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, his first foreign counterpart already make themselves heard. The French minister Jean-Marc Ayrault called him Thursday bluntly,, a liar, while the Brits just need a reliable minister at this time. '

This qualification does not fall from the sky, because the transverse ex-journalist and-burgemeester London kicked in the past against many shins. His appointment is also provided with some surprise. So his first mission to Turkey will be a tricky matter, since he believes the jokes about Erdogan and goats should be able, also in Turkey itself.

About US President Obama said he agreed that such a grudge against the British cherishes because of his Kenyan background. Moreover, Obama had claimed him a bust of Winston Churchill out of the Oval Office to remove, a swipe against the British colonial past, according to Johnson.
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He may get a regular basis to make from next year with Hillary Clinton as president is the US. In 2007 he said about her:,, She has dyed blond hair, pouty lips and a cold blue gaze, like a sadistic nurse in a mental institution. '
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The then Prime Minister Tony Blair could also count on the spot of Boris Johnson. Delicious for him that he sometimes could flee to Britain by going on a trip, he wrote in a column. Even the untouchable Queen did not escape his gaze. That was, he loved the Commonwealth because they could count at least occasionally enthusiastic cheers of dark children.

The new minister has no fear of the Chinese.,, That we need not fear, 'he once said,, we need to teach our kids really no Mandarin.' Still in May, he swept by recalling the floor with the European Union had already tried once Napoleon and Hitler form a united Europe. The EU may be regarded as a next attempt.

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