Millions of children in the US celebrate Halloween

Millions of children in the US celebrate Halloween

World October 31, 2015 00:45

- Saturday is Halloween, and that means mainly in the US costumed kids back along the doors for ' trick or treat ' : a tease or a candy. The US Census Bureau put some numbers in a row.

To ' trick or treat ' do 41.2 million children between 5 and 14 years. They call in at 117.3 million for doors and they like to dress up as a nurse, police officer, sheriff or dentist. Google's Fright Geist added that also adds cartoon characters and movie characters like Batman, Minnie Mouse, Wonder Woman and vampires are popular.

Amusement parks provide 820 million (€ 745 million) dollars on special Halloween activities.

Halloween is celebrated mainly celebrated in the US, Ireland, Canada and Britain, but also in the Netherlands wins the party area. Yet there is in our country criticism that Halloween would be a party stoked by commerce with- according to some- pagan traits.

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