Million claim Philips after pollution
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Million claim Philips after pollution

World March 31, 2018 15:33

amsterdam - Philips waits for millions of claims in the United States due to pollution of the groundwater. The case involving waste products from components delivered between 1953 and 1989 is continued despite Philips' opposition to the courts.

This appears from a ruling of March 29 of the federal judge in New York.

A damage of $ 350 million has been identified by Hicksville Water District. In addition, it requires another $ 600 million.

Philips Electronics North America and the also defendants Long Island Indusrial Group claimed that the companies do not blame the groundwater and soil contaminated with dioxane, an industrial

solvent that would cause liver and kidney damage.

Philips weathered but even a cursory reading of the charge would determine that the toxic chemicals from the plant seep into underground sources, the court said.

Also complaints about nuisance, negligence and failure to adequately warn the environment were sufficiently substantiated, according to the court.

The claims that have been filed against Philips and other companies may continue to be dealt with. The question is whether the companies are fully liable and bear all the blame.

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  1. Tes April 6, 2018 at 11:02 AM

    Philips a synonym for a hypocrisy and window dressing. Built on the cheapest labour and run by bonus driven management. Originating from the Dutch hypocrite culture of the finger point to others. Meanwhile looting and hoovering up money at costs environment.

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