'Military soldier from German army arrested for bombing'

'Military soldier from German army arrested for bombing'

World May 9, 2017 14:06

berlin - The German authorities arrested a possible accomplice of Franco A., the German military suspected of launching an attack. The new suspect in the case, according to news magazine Der Spiegel, is a 27-year-old first Lieutenant to the German Armed Forces.

The arrested Lieutenant Maximilian T. is a friend of the chief verdict. T. was questioned on Tuesday by the German military intelligence service (MAD). The authorities previously encountered a large amount of ammunition in the house of a 24-year-old co-suspect.

The German Public Prosecutor confirmed that a third suspect was arrested in the case. The men were likely to attack a prominent politician. They allegedly believed, among other things, Minister Heiko Maas (Justice) and former President Joachim Gauck.

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The army is seriously embarrassed by the case. The armed forces would have ignored signals that the 28-year-old A. has extreme right-wing sympathies. A. delivered a thesis on a French military academy claiming that immigration could lead to the genetic eradication of Western peoples.

The German superiors of A. decided to give him an oral warning only because they feared his career. A. later walked against the lamp at the airport in Vienna. The police caught the military when he picked up a gun that he had hid on a toilet.

Later it appeared that A. had registered as a Syrian refugee. He made it possible to shift the debt to a possible attack in the asylum seekers' shoes.

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