Microsoft wants to lure fans with Android app

Microsoft wants to lure fans with Android app

Tech November 23, 2015 12:45

- It's no secret that Windows Phone is not a hugely successful experiment of Microsoft. The company now hopes to lure Android users with a new application for Google's operating system, called AppComparison.

The application looks at what apps the user on his phone and shows that these or similar applications are also available on the mobile operating system from Microsoft. The app does indeed easy all the apps that are available on both platforms, but rather problems with applications like Google. The search giant has already stated in the past that it has no plans to build apps for the platform, so there are some holes in the equation. So AppComparison OneDrive proposes as an alternative to Google Drive. Although it is indeed both online storage services, would be for the Drive- users quite a lot of effort to transfer all files and documents.

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