Microsoft shows past and present

Microsoft shows past and present

Tech November 12, 2015 18:00

- The technology is all about innovation. Little respect for tradition. Still, you can see how quickly developments when you look back. On the interactive Microsoft Future Pilot the technology giant looks back on forty years of technology and have a taste of new and future technologies.

So visitors have a cup of coffee to show their best smile. With the Project Smile maker Intel demonstrates the capabilities of its Real Sense technology. The latest Lumia is equipped with this technology, making the device recognizes the user and fingerprint scanner or code no longer necessary for the release. But there are not only to admire new products. The journey from the past to the present, called Edwin Hageman, CEO of Microsoft Netherlands, most especially to the exhibition. With a timeline that starts in 1976, the development of the mobile phone becomes visible. The popular Nokia 3310 with calling and texting main task of the Lumia 950 which, combined with a special Continuum dock, turns into a Windows 10 PC. The visitor travels from MS DOS to Windows 10 and floppy disk to the cloud. Future Pilot with Microsoft wants to show that the company's new direction is taken. " We are as a company become more open, everyone can use our products whether they work with Android, iOS, Mac or Windows ", says Hageman. " And we're innovative, look at the Hololens. " These augmented reality glasses that adds virtual objects in 3D to the living environment is not physically present at the exhibition, but to admire as a hologram. Microsoft Future Trial takes place from 14 to 22 November at M-Lab, Amsterdam-Noord and is freely accessible to everyone.

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