MI6 head: more risk of attack by Russians

MI6 head: more risk of attack by Russians

World December 8, 2016 13:36

london - The planning department of Islamic State devises continuous attacks from Syria and Russia's action in that country makes the problem worse. That message was the chief of the British secret service MI6 Thursday in his first public speech since he holds sway. He took office in 2014.

According spy chief Alex Younger, the Russian government in the peace way through all opponents of the Syrian regime as 'terrorists' to consider. As a result, a victory over IS difficult, he argues. 'We can not be safe from the threats from that country unless the civil war is ended. '

'Russia and the Syrian regime trying to make a desert of the country and then called peace', he referred to the bombings in the country. 'The human suffering is heartbreaking. '

According Younger are alone in their country twelve terrorist conspiracies discovered on time since 2013. The UK authorities have already reported that they have prevented attacks.

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