Merkel: 'No benefit to Brexit '

Merkel: 'No benefit to Brexit '

World June 17, 2016 11:03

brussels - With only just six days before the Brexit referendum rains scenarios about what should happen if Prime Minister David Cameron on June 24 to admit early in the morning that he has lost the battle and the UK to leave the EU.

Chancellor Merkel was already very clear on Thursday during a visit by her Slovak counterpart Robert Fico (the next EU Presidency) as the British for a Brexit votes they fall outside the common European market. 'I can not think of any benefit that the British would have to take over. The 27 remaining countries must continue to talk to an external third party. But it is ultimately to judge the British themselves. 'It was the firmest text which Merkel has used to date.

Fico said that the polls indicate that the EU should prepare for a Brexit. 'If you compare football and you are in the ninetieth minute 3-0, it is unlikely that you can still win 4-3. 'The latest polls show that 53.3% of Brits is a departure from the EU.
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The only question is how quickly the British than actually outside. From the moment Cameron invokes Article 50 and wants to leave the EU, there are more than two years of negotiations open on the separation conditions. Then drop the barriers and get to the British import duties from the EU. They have to start talking about new trade agreements, which could drag on for years.

The proponents of a Brexit have only the red spot of the wave of migration in mind. Chris Grayling, chairman of the House of Commons, wants the British parliament proclaims immediate measures to restrict immigration and the power of the European Court of Justice to break the British immigration.

Grayling assumes a total unbundling end of 2019, so much later than 2018. However, it is questionable whether the EU Britons grants so long. The fact is that once Cameron invokes Article 50, he may wait for further progress in the meeting of European leaders.
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But the hijackers have also been reported on the coast. Germany and France warn of 'disintegration' of the EU as the British leave, but they'll just stick to a stabbing. 'If the British leave, we can not just continue with 28 minus one as if nothing happened. We must be careful that a process of integration that has lasted for decades does not end in total disintegration, 'said German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier after a meeting with his French counterpart Jean-Marc Ayrault.

'Europe can not stand still. We want, and that is also our responsibility to give Europe new momentum, 'said the Frenchman Ayrault.

The old Franco-German axis is thus ready to be polished again with that 'difficult eurosceptic Britons' out of the way. It is now clear which way the wind will blow in Brussels and the British fall by the wayside.

Both the German and the French Government, the extreme right in the neck panting in elections taking place next year. Billions more in infrastructure and employment schemes is the only defense against the advancing both have National Front of Marine Le Pen and the Alternative for Germany. And they again meet Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, who would rather not.

A British departure, however, would be a huge loss for common European defense, where the British are an important support. Both Germany and France would be their defense efforts need to increase considerably to fill the gap that would arise.

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