Merkel: 'Even after expenses Brexit '

Merkel: 'Even after expenses Brexit '

World June 28, 2016 10:39

- Europe must in Brexit negotiations with Britain to ensure that the British have the benefits but do not want the burden. Before that German Chancellor Angela Merkel warns.,, No currants out of the porridge, '' she said.

If London at a starting example, will continue to have access to the EU market, it will also free movement of people to accept, says Merkel.

German Chancellor warns of further EU erosion. She called to join the Member States on the rows.,, It is important now to look forward and to do everything possible to draw the right conclusions and then to take all necessary decisions, '' said Merkel.
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Any proposal to get out of this crisis, the EU is welcome, said the Chancellor.,, Any proposal other hand, the will to action will strengthen out, however, unforeseen consequences. And would further divide Europe. ''

Merkel said that they intended to oppose this.,, I see good opportunities that this will succeed. ''

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