Merkel chose between Bundestag and toque

Merkel chose between Bundestag and toque

World September 25, 2016 10:36

- She leads Germany for almost eleven years as chancellor, but it had very nearly had chosen Angela Merkel for a restaurant. During her studies she considered actually to set up an eatery.

Merkel (62) studied from 1973 to 1978 physics at the Karl Marx University in Leipzig, then in the GDR. She worked at that time in the sorority and she introduced herself to start a restaurant, she says in the magazine Wirtschaftswoche. For example, could easily have been done after the German unification. Not her profession but politics threw a spanner in the works.

She was the first Bundestag elections throughout Germany in December 1990 immediately elected to parliament. Before she knew it had appointed chancellor Helmut Kohl in its January 1991 Minister for Women and Youth. Cook she does still love, but only at home.

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