Mayor of Rome on mice hunt

Mayor of Rome on mice hunt

World July 11, 2016 11:54

rome - The anti-corruption lawyer Virginia Raggi has just mayor of Rome or she has used her first hunt. Not corrupt officials but mice and rats are its first target.

It was a video of children under eyes at the edge of the Eternal City rodents count scurrying between the overflowing dustbins.

Raggi (37) responded immediately. On Facebook, she used the word shocking and announced in person on the spot to'll take a look. They immediately announced that who pollutes the street, the existing penalty now will fall considerably higher.
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     'Verstappen fastest man on earth'

Rome sigh for months at a regular waste crisis and bulging the streets and parks of dirt piled high. At her election as the first female mayor of the city, she promised to deal with the waste problem quickly and efficiently.

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