May warns critics: brexit is at stake

May warns critics: brexit is at stake

World July 15, 2018 05:57

london - British Prime Minister Theresa May has warned critics within her party that a boycott of her brexit strategy could jeopardize the planned UK exit from the European Union. 'We have to keep the goal in mind, otherwise we run the risk of being left behind with no brexit', writes the chair of the conservatives in a guest contribution in the newspaper Mail on Sunday.

May says she is aware of the concerns of several party members about her course, but that she has not yet heard 'practical alternatives', so it is necessary to be 'practical and pragmatic' and her brexit strategy to support.

Almost nine months before the exit from the European Union on 29 March 2019, the May government is experiencing a deep crisis. The brexit hardliners in her party oppose the new course of the prime minister, who is aiming for a less abrupt exit from the EU. Brexit Minister David Davis and foreign minister Boris Johnson stepped up because of the new strategy.

In her guest contribution in the Sunday newspaper, May writes that she has a steel-hard bargaining position in the talks with Brussels. Her white paper is not a long wish list, which the negotiators can choose from at her discretion. It is a complete plan with a series of conclusions that can not be negotiated. '

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