Mars gets ring

Mars gets ring

World March 21, 2017 16:39

pasadena - The planet Mars has over a possible ring around him, like Saturn. The planet is one of his 'mane' namely documents to the tear. The remains of the largest moon Phobos will arrive in orbit around Mars. In about 70 million years, Phobos will be turned into a ring of rocks and debris.

According to a study by the US space agency NASA. The findings appear in the scientific journal Nature Geoscience. Phobos is drawn to slow to Mars, the distance is gradually reduced. When the moon comes too close, he falls apart.

Mars probably had already a ring. Those rocks were clumped to the moon Phobos, is the idea. Those previous ring was probably the remains of an even older moon, who had fallen to pieces. And the moon is probably originated from a ring. That must surely have happened three and possibly seven times.

That cycle would have started about 4.3 billion years ago. When an asteroid hit at the north pole of Mars. Debris flew into space.

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