Mark Zuckerberg paste on webcam

Mark Zuckerberg paste on webcam

Tech June 22, 2016 12:18

- Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is a careful person. This appears, at least from a photo he posted this week to celebrate subsidiary Instagram has 500 million users. 'The Zuck' seem to have been taped webcam and microphone of his laptop.

The taping of the webcam is not a bad idea: Hackers have already demonstrated in the past remote to access the built-in cameras of many laptop models.

This can not only make sneaky snapshots, but also may get sensitive information. And because Zuckerberg is obviously a popular target is masking not a bad idea at all.
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The Facebook boss is not the only public figure who does this. Earlier this year, FBI chief James Comey to do the same. His reasoning was quite simple: 'I've seen people do that are smarter than me. '

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