Many thousands of Rohingya were murdered in Myanmar

World December 14, 2017 07:45

amsterdam - Between 25 August and 24 September, more than 6700 members of the Rohingya minority in Myanmar were possibly murdered, including 730 children. The aid organization MSF-Holland estimates this on the basis of discussions with numerous refugees in Bangladesh.

According to the army of Myanmar, there are four hundred people, the majority of 'Islamic terrorists' killed. The ethnic violence in the western province of Rakhine is aimed at the Islamic Rohingya, who came to the region mainly since the second half of the nineteenth century. The government of Myanmar sees them as unwanted foreigners and the army has been carrying out a cruel campaign of violence against the Rohingya since August 25 to drive out the population. Nearly 650,000 Rohingya have since fled to neighboring Bangladesh.

Medical director Sidney Wong of Doctors Without Borders calls the recent violence 'a cleaning operation' of the Myanmar security services.

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