'Many Buying Chances for Investor'

'Many Buying Chances for Investor'

World July 7, 2017 07:18

- Investors will have plenty of opportunities in coming months with the coming correction on the stock exchanges. They must especially take into account the whims of US President Donald Trump.

That turned out Wednesday evening during the well-visited online seminar on investment tips for the second half of 2017 with technical analyst Nico Bakker (BTAC), Koen Bender (Mercurius Asset Management) and Jim Tehupuring (ProBeleggen, owner of 1Vermogensbeheer. Nl) headed by Janneke Willemse.

They are optimistic about shares. Large scholars have stacked records for months. There is still a sufficient rate of return in the barrel, but it is likely that the shares will be back a step, according to Tehupuring.

The fact that there is a correction in the stock market is almost certain for these three experts. And also very healthy, they responded to countless questions from participants in this well-visited webinar. 'Buy the dip', suggests Nico Bakker.

Because the underlying growth for the long term looks good. With the upcoming interest rate hikes in the US and the euro area, financials like Aegon and ABN Amro are interesting, Tehupuring and Bender emphasized. Techniques are for Tehupuring risky, especially Besi. 'That fund is very, very cyclical. '

Bender calls Trump ' the most important factor for investors. The best thing for all is that it will quickly come to an impeachment of Trump, 'he says.

'With that, Trump's good plans remain true- but he's disappearing. Trump is a major risk factor for the whole world. The advantage of the deposition procedure is that there will then be a run on shares. '

For that move, investors can make up as soon as prices drop. Bender: 'As soon as Trump disappears from the scene, you have to cry out in that market as an investor. Because at the great time, the resignation of Trump will only mean a little shock. '

Many webinar participants (42%) find buy and hold investors who buy their investments and let them go on the shelves. About 26% change monthly. This has risks, says Bakker, 'I think it's dangerous with current market developments. 'He suggests investors are ready to intervene quickly to prevent losses.

Koen Bender: 'You must be on guard with Trump in the near future. '

The online seminar is here to look back

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