Man throws 75 million Bitcoins away by complaining girlfriend

World December 5, 2017 14:36

newport - 32-year-old IT man James Howells was the nagging of his girlfriend about his noisy laptop, so he decided to sell the thing. He kept his hard drive: after all, there were 7500 Bitcoins on it. When years later he had forgotten that he had parked the fortune on the disk- which had meanwhile become a big one- and threw it at the garbage, he could hit his head afterwards. The inhabitant of Wales now wants to dig a rubbish dump to find the hard drive.

It all started in 2009, when Howells crafted Bitcoins on his laptop in his home in Newport, Wales. The laptop, which was turned on day and night, became the cause of a lingering argument with his girlfriend at one point. She was fed up with the constant humming of the thing and demanded that he take the thing out of the door. The Welshman eventually sold the laptop on eBay. James: 'I kept the hard disk in a drawer because my bitcoins were on it. If Bitcoins were worth a lot in a day, I would still have them, 'he tells the Daily Telegraph.

When James was busy with a major cleaning in his house four years later, he no longer thought of Bitcoins on the hard disk. The thing ended up on the garbage dump. At that moment the coins were already worth 100 euros, which means that the Briton had a small fortune in his possession without stopping. In the meantime, however, the virtual currency is going over the counter tenfold.

The thirties is therefore planning to dig up his treasure in the local rubbish heap. 'A modern rubbish dump is a complex structure and one of them digs up all kinds of environmental problems, such as dangerous gases and fire hazards. It is a big, expensive and dangerous project. 'Although he understands that the thing has not been found as one-two-three, he wants to carry out the search despite all the dangers.

Howells is not the first to see his fortune burnt at Bitcoins. The American Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas in 2010 for 10,000 Bitcoins. They would now be worth more than 90 million euros together. 'It was not that the bitcoin had any value at that time. So the idea of ​​exchanging them for pizzas was incredibly cool! Nobody knew it would ever be that big, 'Hanyecz said earlier.

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