Man survives two attacks by grizzly

Man survives two attacks by grizzly

World October 4, 2016 13:06

- A fifty-man survived in the US state of Montana two attacks by a grizzly bear. The man stumbled while walking in a wooded area on a mother bear with two cubs.

Todd Orr knew he was in a bear rich area and yelled out during his walk and to make any bears his presence attentive. In most cases, bears go then off. But the mother bear Unperturbed by the screams and immediately went on the attack.

They bite cases Orr in his shoulders and arms, as well as in the backpack he had to. It took several minutes before the bear disappeared unexpectedly. While the unfortunate hiker stumbled to his car, the grizzly attacked again on. Eventually escaped Orr and bleeding profusely crawl safely in his car and driving himself to a hospital, according to The Huffington Post.

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