Man leaves passenger cars in a burning car

Man leaves passenger cars in a burning car

World October 14, 2017 10:54

new york - A 23-year-old New Yorker is found guilty of blame because he left his 25-year-old passenger after a crash with his car in the flames and took a taxi to the hospital himself.

The driver, Saeed Ahmed, was stabbed on a concrete object at night with his car in his hometown of New York, where his car flew. Ahmad, who burned his limbs, held a taxi to go to the hospital. That can be seen on images of ABC7. He left his 'date' Harleen Grewel in the burning car, agents said at the New York Post.

The young woman was grueling around in the flames. The charred remains of his passengers were taken out of the wreck by the fire brigade.

The set of charges is high. Except that he is accused of failing to help a person in need, he is also accused of leaving an accident place and recklessly and too fast... without driving license.

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