Man is 14 hours under bed of free-range when his friend comes home

Man is 14 hours under bed of free-range when his friend comes home

World September 11, 2018 14:00

melbourne - An Australian man spent no less than 14 hours under the bed of his date when her boyfriend suddenly came home from work.

The man named Kane told his story earlier this week on Australian radio. In the item the man says that he had exchanged private messages with the woman for a few days before he ended up in bed with her.

Kane had asked about the man on the pictures of the woman, but she stated that that relationship had been broken. 'I followed her on Instagram for a while and she seemed like a neat type to me. Suddenly she started to follow me. '

The Australian continues: 'I sent a message saying that it was a pity that she already had a friend, but she also said that relationship was over. 'Kane thought the photos were still online with him,' a bit weird '.

'We continued to talk for a few days and eventually invited me to her home,' says the man. On the day the two met each other, Kane got very specific parking instructions: 'Then a light came on. 'Yet the woman managed to talk him back by saying that her neighbors would ask questions differently.

Not long after, the two ended up in bed. Kane, however, could not prepare for what was to follow: her friend came home. 'She flipped, jumped from me and started running around. She said, 'Go through the back door, go through the back door!' Meanwhile, I tried to find my clothes. '

Eventually the man did not have time to get away and he dived under the bed. 'I thought I could sneak away when he would take a shower, but he immediately lay down on the bed. I could not go anywhere. '

Kane was therefore 'trapped' under the bed. I could not sleep in between, Kane was afraid he was going to snore. The confrontation was not something that the Australian saw. Kane says to the radio station: 'It was a mess. '

In the end the man stayed in bed for more than 12 hours: the wife of the woman lay there from 20.00 in the evening until 09.30 in the morning. Once he had left, Kane could finally go. The woman has blocked him everywhere without explanation and the two have never spoken to each other again.

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