Man decapitates roommate who raises cigarette

World December 21, 2017 18:48

moscow - A Russian man had to pay for his cigarette addiction with death. His roommate was so ready with the smoke in their apartment that he turned. He stabbed the 37-year-old Eduard Assylov and mutilated his body in a gruesome manner.

The victim's neighbors in Moscow did the sinister discovery. Assylov was stabbed and cut into pieces. His head, arms, legs and his genitals were lying on a cushion according to Russian media.

The body was under the stab wounds. Before he was cut into pieces with a knife, he was stabbed at least 40 times, reports the police in the Russian capital.

The man's 45-year-old roommate would have known to have killed him. He stated that he turned on when Assylov stuck a cigarette. The two would have often argued about whether or not to smoke in the house.

The suspect has been arrested. He has a life sentence to face.

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