Man can not take goldfish in the subway, kills goldfish

Man can not take goldfish in the subway, kills goldfish

World March 20, 2018 11:24

zhengzhou - A Chinese man killed his goldfish because he was not allowed to take them into the subway. At a subway station in Zhengzhou, the man was stopped by security because he carried two fish in a plastic bag of water. After a heated discussion, he decided to empty his water bag. The fish fell on the ground where they died.

According to the security guards, animals are absolutely not allowed in the metro. When the man could no longer win the discussion, he decided to open the bag and throw the water on the ground, according to Chinese Dahe Dail.

'The metro station runs on electricity. If liquid is spilled, that could cause problems, 'said the head of the subway station security against The Beijing News. 'The goldfish moved a little bit and then no longer at all. '

The man got a hard time on the Chinese social media. 'Why is he making such a fuss about this?' According to a user from Weibo.

'Goldfish are not like cats or dogs,' adds another user who did not understand the man's action. 'They do not pee and do not bother other people. '

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